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About us

Our aim is to bring together good quality independent clothing and great independent coffee. 

Coffee Clothing Collective started after drinking too many cups of bad coffee. I had the luxury of living in central London last year, a location with a wealth of independent coffee shops. This could have perhaps been a blessing or a curse in disguise, you start to develop a taste for 'good' coffee (subjective I know). With my engineering mindset I quickly became set on creating a great cup of coffee every time. This came for me in the form of an Aeropress and a cheap Handgrinder. I was a student and it saved me tonnes.

I then moved back to Birmingham for my final year of university where the independent coffee scene is pretty good. Plenty of great coffee shops within a stones throw of my apartment. Despite this, I still see too many people walking around with big chain coffee cups. Now I am not entirely against chain coffee companies (I am) but I think that if there is an independent shop nearby, go there. 

This is where it all began. I thought why not use my love for clothing and good coffee to promote independent roasters. Thus Coffee Clothing Collective has been born. We will be collaborating with a number of small UK based (for the time being) roasters to bring you the best speciality coffee. Each month we will be working with a new brand providing clothing and coffee bundles.  The beans are always changing so don't forget to check back. 

We are big on sustainability and don't want people to just buy our stuff for the sake of it, we don't believe in 52 seasons a year of fashion. If you are after more info about going green check out ZEUAS who are a distruptive startup seeking to supercharge the clean revolution.

Over the next few months we will be hosting a number of pop-up esque stores around the UK within coffee shops so keep your eyes peeled. If you are a roaster or independent coffee shop that wants to work with us, please just send us a message we would love to hear from you. 

Thanks for checking out the collection, life is too short for bad coffee.


Founder of Coffee Clothing Collective

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